My Case Studies

How to create a successful brand? Comes up the question usually.
Some of our clients say: we would love our brand to be so recognizable like the Apple!

Well, it is not enough to prepare the good bases of the brand, like a quality logo or a good looking webpage, after creating those, we also need to educate our clients, how can they grow their brands successfully, how to create the content based on their sales plans, how can they achieve efficient brand awareness and build a successful business on a long term.


Since my childhood I have been one of the biggest fans of corn in the universe. 

When I was 8 months old, my parents moved to East-Hungary from West-Hungary. I have grown up in Hajdúnánás, in a little East-Hungarian city. Spent most of my time in nature between the plants with animals. One of my biggest favorite plants was the corn. I could eat tonnes of the fresh boiled corn in August, when it had its season…

Kornizzy mother and child

I would never thought in my nicest dreams, that one day I will make a product popular, which is made of corn. On my first workday at the Kornizzy company last year, in April I was totally desired, when I saw the treasure in the fridge: the SNACKZATION, called Kornizzy! A frozen healthy snack in a cup, made of sweet corn and some other tasty elements!

Kornizzy Girl and dog

I always had been the person burning in total desire about foods I love. So this time I had been eating Kornizzy for 3 days without break. If I wanted some protein, I ate the chicken one, if some sweets, the raisin and caramel one, if something really light, I ate the green herb and butter or the cheese one. It is really easy, just 3-5 minutes in the microwave oven and ready.

As a sales and marketing person of the product, I felt it in my veins. The biggest happiness was when the chain directors of Hungary’s biggest retail chains showed a surprisingly happy and satisfied face after tasting this product and getting it listed despite the pandemic situation.

I am never selling anything, honestly. I am always assuring solutions for problems for people, this is how I become authentic in their eyes. 

After 8 months hard work, market research and product development in order to fulfill the needs and requirement of the Hungarian market, authentic content production based on the sales strategy worked out together with the owners, our product is already available in the most popular online webshop of Hungary, in the

The unique content creation in this case was one of my biggest projects: to work out with my team unique photo and graphic designing content in order to introduce this brand new category in Hungary and later on in the European market. I am working hard and close with the owners and I need to admit, I am really honored and happy to be a part of this amazing project and spare so much time on it, I love to. This is called, you are in flow, loving what you do without being under pressure or enormous expectations!

Kornizzy mother and child

Next to the precious photoshooting work of our content creator, Marko Novkov, I would like to say special thanks for my ex-colleagues, Ervin Móricz and Szabolcs Jánosi for their amazing graphic designing jobs!


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