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All the services are assured in unique packages for our clients.
In case you already have your exact strategy, we can move forward on the next steps.
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Many companies realize the importance of content creating, but they don’t have any clear vision, how to do that?

Before starting at all, as the first step we need to check carefully, what are the sales expectations of the company based on the products or services are assured for their clients.

Please let us support you by creating your marketing strategy! By doing a common market analysis we can define together the exact future goals and set up the company’s sales expectations and marketing strategy on the market for short and long terms at the same time. This is the first milestone of our cooperation. Please feel free to read our case study about the Nánási Portékázó Bisztró based on their needs.


Independent from the fact if it is a personal brand or a brand, which is ensuring services or products, every entrepreneur and company needs to have such a unique brand designing, which differentiate them from their competitors and gives an impressive impression for the customers already from the first moment by meeting the brand on online forums.

A great brand design is able to immediately achieve a visual engagement for the visitor and as we already know from the latest statistics, visuality brings 80% of the attention. Please let us work together with you in order to create your brand design.

- First we need to find an appointment, where we discuss together with the designer team your requests and expectations and your primary ideas.
- After agreeing together on the next steps our designer will represent our mood board based on the strategy and personal expectations, your task will be to chose the most liked elements from your part.
- After this step we will create different logo versions and letter types with different color worlds, which has been discussed already with the web designer in order to be able to use and implement the chosen design option on the website too.
- As a last step we finalize the logo and creating a brand guideline book of its correct usage for the future.



After the strategic planning parallel with the brand designing we define together the structure of the website:

- First of all we set up the page structure based on the received information.
- After that our web designer suggest a websabloon based on the chosen logo directions and color world created by the graphic designer.
- After that we start the copywriting and after the approval sharing it with the web designer.
- As a last step the our web designer upload the pictures prepared by the content creators on the webpage.


Did you know that 80% of the attention and decision making in the online world is based on the visuality and the first impression? These are the newest trends and it is quite obvious. We are surrounded all the time by a huge “marketing noise”. From the big brands we take that easily, like Coca-Cola or other giants, but how does it work, when it comes to little entrepreneurs or companies? It is not a secret: if you have outstanding photo content, you almost won. What does this mean? Some companies are using stock pictures, which can be quite a great solution, but the truly intuitive content is based on personalized one and introducing some emotions, because in this world our heart is beaten and our mind is mesmerized, if we something what makes "the heart beating and the mind blowing", even though it is related to business.

Nowadays whoever has a camera, can easily call himself a photographer, but it is not the question of the equipment. Next to creating sharp pictures, the most important is to catch the perfect moment introducing real life scenes and after that the editing style is, which gives the uniqueness of the photographer. Our content creators, Jari Sokka and Marko Novkov are the masters of creating magical photos.

As an additional service we are happy to assure styling for our customers: makeup and dresses in certain photoshooting categories.

Please let us show you here some case studies:


After gaining the first engagement with the unique visual content people decide to read our content. The most important is to assure information in a way, everyone can easily understand and to achieve the highest level of interest by introducing our entrepreneurship and services.

Our copywriters are specialized in creating texts which are introducing our clients’s services in an intuitive way and convince them to choose their services or buy their products.


We truly believe that via consistent content creating we are able to reach our target audience and on a long term create communities and achieve a high level of user engagement, which is the most important element of the content creating process.

The workflow is the following:
- Set up the basic content strategy for a year with the client.
- Creating monthly content plans based on the sales requirements, which appears on the social forums and in some cases will be also implemented on the web page (landing pages, pop up windows for different sales activities).
- In order to create and handle our communities and raise user engagement, create different sales activities, FB/ig activities.


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