My Case Studies

How to create a successful brand? Comes up the question usually.
Some of our clients say: we would love our brand to be so recognizable like the Apple!

Well, it is not enough to prepare the good bases of the brand, like a quality logo or a good looking webpage, after creating those, we also need to educate our clients, how can they grow their brands successfully, how to create the content based on their sales plans, how can they achieve efficient brand awareness and build a successful business on a long term.

Stiller Tamás Chef is a genius master chef of the Hungarian Cuisine. His business partners ask him to test their products and create some receipt books and suggestions for them. We met via LinkedIn with him and now we are cooperating together to support his partners also with online marketing strategy and content creation. Pepo Papa, the pumpkin oil is one of our favorite common references. We have prepared a photo content for them and next to sharing Tamás’s gourmet receipts we are leading a health blog and introducing the several positive effects of the pumpkin oil to the target audience in order to convince them to buy the product and gain a high level of user engagement via building community with different activities.


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