Photo References of the Content Creators

You can find here some of our references grouped into different photo shooting categories

How to make a self brand successful? – Unique portrait photography for unique entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to support talented entrepreneurs by introducing their personality via intuitive content next to their quality services.
There are many talented entrepreneurs, who assure quality services and precise jobs in their professional area. In order to introduce them in a unique visual appearance we make a careful consultation and based on their requirements and requests we set up the shooting:

  • looking for the ideal shooting venue
  • prepare their styling
  • create their introduction content by assuring them a comfortable and friendly shooting environment where they can feel relaxed in order to achieve the result: to introduce happy and balanced faces focusing on their own brands and services


How to introduce your company and your services?

By business photo shootings the most important is to know the main message of our clients based on the services they are assuring, what makes them unique and we can create such content, which differentiates them from their competitors.


How to introduce your product in an indirect way?

Based on the fact, people rather appreciate pull than push marketing, it is such a strong tendency nowadays, that product sellers need to realise: without authentic photo content only few people will take care or pay attention to their products. Based on the analysis and statistics products are much more loved and popular, if they are introduced in a lovely environment, where we can see happy consumers… Our team is happy to prepare and organize complex photo shooting sessions by assuring professional models and environment based on the client requests. After preparing everything carefully we can achieve a great number of pictures by organizing a few hours intensive photoshooting to assure consistent and quality content, which can be used/ easily implemented in social forums and on different media forums.


Would you love to jump a level and improve your self expression?

On some days we feel that we would love to just break out from our ordinary life and create for ourselves some beautiful portrait pictures, via which we can lead our hobby blogs or we can use them in our social media forums as a quality self expression… our photographers are the masters of creating these contents, either your choice is nature or city, we make your dreams come true! Contact us for more details… 🙂


This turned out to be our own hobby… I am truly addicted to some fashion brands and with Mr Sokka we are eager to prepare some unique captures by wearing these brands in nature, or on the streets in some nice cities. In the future we are happy to sell our services for those fashion brands, who decide to communicate via unique content in the language of art.


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