My Case Studies

How to create a successful brand? Comes up the question usually.
Some of our clients say: we would love our brand to be so recognizable like the Apple!

Well, it is not enough to prepare the good bases of the brand, like a quality logo or a good looking webpage, after creating those, we also need to educate our clients, how can they grow their brands successfully, how to create the content based on their sales plans, how can they achieve efficient brand awareness and build a successful business on a long term.


By scrolling my instagram feed I have met a magical coffee: tummy friendly from Bristot coffee.

I got truly excited about it, never seen coffee like that before and contacted the business owners, that we should make together some unique marketing activities and make this particular coffee popular in Hungary. It turned out, they have several coffees, grained coffees, coffee with beans, and to add more, their capsule coffees are compostable and the package is aluminium free!

Based on the Covid situation the client wanted to make their products more popular on social forums via a nice, consistent photo feed and create a community around themselves with different games and community gaining activities, because the HORECA sector, they had been serving, was facing crisis issues.
We were not wasting our time, organised a summer shooting in 2020 and also a Christmas one. The summer one was introducing the moments of drinking coffee safe at home and also in the office. The Christmas one was a common cooperation with one of the biggest Hungarian chocolate brands.

As Vivien’s father told, the most important is between entrepreneurs / companies and the quality of cooperation. I totally agree with him and I am honestly really grateful for their cooperation. We are always feeling good flow and vibes by working together and it is nice to experience this since the beginning, which has started almost a year ago.

Our communication strategy is always built on the actual situation. In these times we can not plan in advance for a half year, only from week to week, due to the fast changing regulations. In this pandemic crisis entrepreneurs need to face with huge challenges and those ones survive only, who realise and make effort to be always updated with the actual communications and shape their communication based on that by talking the language of their target audience.

One of them is: don’t be depressed and closed, go out for a take away Bristot coffee and enjoy the moments on the street with your friends! 


Déva utca 24/B
Szigetszentmiklós, 2310
Pest Megye, Hungary