Selling Art is one of the most challenging missions in life

Selling art is probably one of the most difficult missions. Why? If we check for example painters’ or photographers’ artwork, it is always really unique, how we evaluate an art. It is also very important that rough capitalism should not ruin the spirit of the artist and the inspiration and creativity neither. Some days it can easily happen that the photographer or painter doesn’t have the inspiration or creativity– and that should be totally okay.
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I have been selling products and services already for 15 years in the Hungarian and on the international market also. Let me tell you a secret! Honestly, I am never selling anything. I am always suggesting a solution to solve a problem. The most important is to detect the exact needs of your clients and act in the way, to serve their needs with your best knowledge and offering them at the same time the best service providers. I am strict, consequent and maximalist and also educate my cooperators to keep this direction during the cooperation and also in communication, otherwise it is not going adequate and accurate. This is going quite well, but the biggest challenge and mission for me is selling art.

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I fell in love with the photography of Jari Sokka (, ig: @jarisokka) exactly 5 years ago. When I saw his gallery for the first time, I could state, this photo-artist has a beautiful soul. His pictures are breathtaking and they are truly showstoppers! Sometimes I was watching his pictures even for 5-10 minutes and found them incredibly beautiful. Felt, that I was exactly there at the place too and he always assured me of a virtual journey also on those days, when I didn’t have the chance to travel.

After falling in love with his art, I truly wanted to admire him and also introduce him to all my close friends and relatives, who were just always curious about the prince, who stole my heart a few years ago, but they never saw him.

On 2018’s summer I have organized for him an exclusive photo exhibition. It highly required all of my event organizing knowledge and experiences I have gained in the past years.

To select the perfect venue – the beautiful Brody Studios – to discuss the event with the owners, to select the most appropriate room and plan the themes on the walls. I asked Mr Sokka at that time, which were his favorite 36 pictures and kindly asked him to select those. Visited the venue with my talented interior designer friend, Sigfried Kató and placed exactly the pictures in theory as we would do it live. She had created a wonderful 3D plan about it.After finalizing the plan I have created a secret Facebook event, where I have invited my closest relatives, friends, colleagues and asked them to select their favorite pictures.

The pictures have been beautifully printed by the Vászonkép Nyomda and delivered to the venue too. The venue placed the pictures totally in the same way, as it has been represented on the 3D interior design plan by Sigfried Kató.

Interior design: by Siegfried Kató

When the big day arrived, I could not believe it, but everyone was there, who promised to come. I told Mr Sokka, he would have an exhibition, where he needed to dedicate his pictures. I kindly asked in the Facebook event the guests to stare at the walls and the pictures, when we arrive, not us.

There was a beautiful chill music going in the background. I was so excited, like never in my life and he was quite excited too, but took extremely brave the situation.

When we arrived, it was awesome, as his beautifully printed pictures were welcoming us to the exhibition room and all the people were watching those with honest desire. When he took a look at the walls, suddenly his favorite track from the Game of Thrones started to play and we got him seated in a beautiful “throne chair”. The guests took their selected pictures off the wall, stood in the queue and introduced themselves to Jari, and kindly asked him to dedicate their pictures.

It was a double pleasure at the same time. On the one hand I tried to make an artist feel, how does it feel, when people express their desire about your art personally, on the other hand, finally, I managed to introduce him to all the people, who were really curious about him after our long-distance relationship story, which is still hardly digested by some people, who can not accept things and situations working differently in life, only the customs, they got used to.

It was the nicest moment to bring my biggest favorite picture to him and tell him, how much I love his art – in Finnish language and ask him to dedicate it to me.

After the successful exhibition my plan was to visit all the friends and post stories on my Instagram from their walls with Jari’s pictures. Some of them came true. We also opened a canvas-selling link with Jari’s pictures on the Vászonkép Nyomda:, where there is a special selection available of his beautiful pictures.

People are ordering his beautiful art on this forum from time to time. My long term aim is, when the international canvas page will be launched, to reach an international audience around his art, which is already on going on my Instagram. My friend, Erika, made a visit to my home and she saw my beautiful prints from Mr Sokka on my wall. She said: “I have been looking for such a long time for something on my wall to decorate it! I will order from Jari, because it is so nice that I know the story and the photographer, when I will look at his beautiful picture on my wall.” – This is why I am telling, when we are not “selling mass products” but art, it also requires more personal storytelling, making the people fall in love…this is how it works

I truly believe that his art is so beautiful and unique, that with a more focused communication I will be able to make this dream come true in the way that he will never lose his inspiration just enjoying the additional value coming by selling his art. My biggest congratulations to Mr Sokka and wishing you as many beautiful moments ahead as possible, to make your audience’s heart beat, whenever they see your new, beautiful soul healing art again!
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This article has been created for the most amazing photographer, my soul mate, my best friend, my wisest advisor, for someone I love the most! For Mr Jari Sokka! Please feel free to follow him on his Instagram account and order his canvas from the page linked above!
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Many thanks for our content creators mate, Marko Novkov for taking from this beautiful event awesome photos for us!

Wishing good luck to everyone! 🙂
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