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How did we become The Content Creators?

One day my father asked the following….after seeing my beautiful pictures created by Mr Sokka and Marko…Do you think that you are a photomodel? Why do you invest so much money in buying dresses and spending time on photoshootings?

The Content Creators

Well from some points he was right :D, I have spent huge money on dresses to invest in my hobby and my upcoming profession.

And please find here my detailed thoughts in order to answer the question properly.

I am not a photomodel. I was always living in my mind in a dream world and since I met Mr Sokka, this dreamworld became a reality. 🙂

It is a huge passion to create art with Mr Sokka together….this is the field, where our personalities and hobbies meet: the magnificent photographer with amazing ideas and creativity and the never became a singer kind of girl, who was always addicted to aesthetic visuality and authentic self expression. Whenever I post a picture created by Jari of me…I feel something wonderful, which I can not express even with words… All the love, pureness and unicorn passions appear in our common art, I was dreaming about to have since my childhood. This is exactly creating art together. Many people have no understanding on this…But I keep those close, who do that! 🙂

These photoshootings together are so awesome, but requires both of us huge concentration from every participant on their tasks….Mr Sokka’s precise work and ideas are amazing always, that is not a question. From my part, spending an enormous time in the bathroom, preparing for the shooting sessions and parallel with this huge patience from Mr Sokka’s side is required, hihihi. 😀

My friends have adored our common hobby for quite a long time and some of them have already ordered some portrait shooting sessions from Mr Sokka. In these cases I had been the stylist and strategic advisor, helped them with my clothes and we created some unicorn moments, which appeared in a beautiful and unique way due to Mr Sokk’s precise art – you can see some of the pictures between our references.

With Marko Novkov we started our business cooperation in 2016 November. I have asked him to support me to photoshoot the agency I had been working at recently and after that we prepared some spontaneous shots on the street together, which turned out to be really cool.. 🙂 In the upcoming years we have created several business shootings for companies in order to assure them their unique appearance in this online world and also created some special pictures for Mr Sokka! 🙂 Here are some from those… 🙂

After a while both Mr Sokka and Marko educated me so much, about business development, photo shooting, that I felt, we need to do something together with these genius minds and put it in a creative business format…this is how….

The Content Creators have been born. I am not a photomodel at all, I am a sales strategist, working in an amazing team with unique thinking, magical people! 🙂

The Content Creators


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