Numbers VS Real network

Advertisments, likes never will replace real networking

Advertisements, likes on social media and Google will never replace the real networking, creating real user engagement is based on hard networking job, communication process

Whenever I accept a new project and become the dedicated project manager of that, I make detailed research in advance, if I have the relevant network in order to support my new client.

Based on the 15 years, I have spent with creating my network in Hungary and within EMEA region I have created such a reliable connections around me, wherever I turn to someone in any kind of topic or requesting support, people are happy to help me, they know, I start to take care about those services and products only, in which I truly believe in.

In the past 4 years based on the online trends and changes the world has been gone through, everything has been restructured.

Entrepreneurs have realised that they need to raise their presence on online forums, creating intuitive web pages, using social media actively. Sometimes they forget to keep the balance between these mentioned above and the old kind of sales methods.

Advertisements, likes will never replace the real connections. It is a need to have these all, but it is important to grow sales by introducing our products/services personally by business owners and opinion leaders. At this point I am not talking about the general “influencer market”. Opinion leaders are not the fake influencers, who have boosted Instagram and Facebook accounts with fake followers and are trying to sell average things to everyone. From my part an opinion leader is someone, who is authentic in the business area in real life and people rely on their opinion based on their experience and professionality.

Especially in Hungary, in Budapest the consumer market includes around 2.000.000 people, the market is relatively “little”, everyone knows everyone. It is easy to create a good image for goods and products by doing active networking within our relevant target audience, which is much more, than to create some social ads and average commercial activities.

You can easily create and grow your network online also. In the past 4 years I had been practicing this, as a hobby on my own instagram page, which was a great study and social analytics, huge experience. You can read more about this in the “Self expression or business” article.

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