No Bubbles

We are assuring solutions instead of selling empty balloons

The secret of successful online marketing

We are ensuring personalized solutions instead of selling empty balloons…

There are so many entrepreneurs advertising themselves as online strategic advisors…they are usually selling empty balloons….showing you what kind of tools they used and in order to be successful…

Have you ever felt that you took part at a workshop, but after that you had a big chaos in your head… you felt that there are so many things you need to do and this is so time consuming, that you just rather postpone and postpone to start to create your online marketing appearance?

The problem with these kinds of workshops is that they just assure a tiny slice from the cake. They say: after listening to the first workshop come and do the upcoming workshops still, and you will be a successful copywriter, blog poster, online advertiser and after spending your time and energy on online marketing instead of developing yourself on your professional area, you get lost by spending also a huge money on these activities.

Please let us share with you a secret! Everyone is talented in different areas.
How could we require an introverted person, who is an artist, for example a photographer or a painter, to create hour long YouTube videos, or sell texts for blog posts, when their skills are much stronger on creating and editing captures, and work in the harmony of colors?

We don’t force people to do something they don’t like rather support people with our skills to make them successful in their professional area and let them do their original job or live their happy moments in their original talents.

The online marketing and all of its toolkit elements have been developed so much in the past few years, that all areas require different skills and professionals.

I have seen some funny job advertisements latest in the past few years – we are looking for our employee, who is excellent:

  • in Photoshop
  • creating copies
  • creating google ads and making some analytics
  • creating and modifying our webpage
  • has some knowledge on SEO
  • creating graphic designs
  • and of course has some experience by handling social media pages and ppc

This person is not existing. These are above 7 different positions. The biggest mistake is that, when you try to develop your skills in too many areas and lose focus at the end from the original purpose.

Don’t do it! Be professional in your area and trust these tasks above to professional people in their area. This is how it works and smart people understand, they can not create their self-brand/companies’ success without outsourcing some tasks to online marketing professionals.

We are here to support you, please feel free to contact us!

Best Regards, The Content Creators

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